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Vastu is an ancient architectural science which originatd in the Indian Sub continent in order to study the energies of the house/property. In general terms, improving one's energy by following gemstone remedy helps an individual by improving/limiting his energies to himself. But a good vastu can help in improving the energies of all the people residing inside it. Ever wondered, why entering a good Hotel room makes one feel positive about living inside it and while the same person entering a darker/ un-balanced normal room, makes his feelings a little different. It is all about the energies inside it.

Home is not just a structure where people reside, it is one which provides sense of security to the people living inside it. It takes a lot of hard work, effort, investment and emotion to build a house of dreams and while doing so, the Vastu should always be considered to ensure the balance of energy for prosparity of the individuals living inside it. A good gemstone improves the energy of a person, a good Vastu improves the energy of all the people living inside that house.

Here are some important considerations/Vastu tips for energy balancing:

  • Have light colors of the walls of the rooms. Avoid using Dark colors.
  • Avoid keeping Mirrors in front of the Bed where you sleep.
  • The South West part of the house is where the house owner's bedroom should be.
  • Use appropriate lights in the living room.
  • Avoid having water fall antiques(with flowing water) inside the house.
  • Avoid Spine plants like cactus inside the house.
  • Do not keep god/godess posters in the bedroom.

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