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A formation of stars in specific area of Sky which is approximately about/inside 8 Degrees in the sides of ecliptic which includes the positioning of planets, sun and moon.
These are the zodiacs:
Every astrologer has his own way of interpretations, but it certainly depends on whether he has correct knowledge of how the energies are flowing in a kundali. There can be an astrologer who would interpret Rahu in the 7th house bad for marriage, which might be correct, but at the same time, a different astrologer might say that there is a possibility that Rahu in 7th house might be good in terms of his Business. It also depends if he has any good Raj Yoga’s in Kundali and any good/bad aspects on 7th House which might make more difference. A good astrologer takes all the factors into considerations and then interpret it.
At the time of birth, the first energy which comes into the body from the Zodiac rising from the Eastern side, is the rising Sign of that person.
A house in astrology has some set of characteristics and importance defined, which touches a specific area of a human’s life. Every house is ruled by a specific zodiac.
Example: 4th House in an astrological chart. The 4th house denotes Happiness, Assets, Cars/vehicles, properties, Mother, etc. If a favorable zodiac or Planet is present in the 4th house or aspects the 4th house, then the person might be blessed in terms of good property, good vehicles and Happiness.