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Astrologer Rajat Jangid

Rajat Jangid is an Indian Vedic Astrologer and Vastu expert who has been serving people for many years now. He has successfully been working on to improve the energies of the people he connects, by the means of providing astrological consultations, corrective measures, remedies and gemological recommendations.

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about Vedic Astrology


Astrology is an ancient science that explains the planetary movements, the zodiacs they are in, their aspects and their effects on people. The balancing of the 5 elements of the body such as Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space is the actual proof of corrective astrology.

Vedic astrology has been nurtured and practiced since thousands of years now, and in current era, it has been proven to the most effective way to predict the happening of events in a life of a person. It is a science about maintaining the balance between the positive and negative energies all around.

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Kundli' is basically the snapshot or the blueprint of the life of a person. It is considered as an important source...

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Match Making

Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching is usually a practice in Indian. It is done to match the horoscopes of the two...

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A Panchang is the original Indian calendar in detail which highlights the traditional units of the Indian Vedic scriptures.

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